E-mail text to my state represenatives about HB2087, Section 34

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Rep. McCoy and Rep. Sells:

HB2087, Section 34, eliminates the Motorcycle Safety Education Advisory Board while keeping safety program in place. This does not make sense. It is the board that advises on best how to implement the safety program.

Money for this program, including the board, comes directly from the fees I pay to have a motorcycle endorsement on my operator’s license. It is not taking money from schools, healthcare, law enforcement, parks, or the recover of Puget Sound.

It only makes sense to make sure that this money is well spent. This is important to saves lives.

This is not an abstract concept for me, as skills I learned in the introductory and experience riders course saved my life on a motorcycle.

This program taught me the skills on how to minimize damage when, with only seconds to spare, I discovered a car was about to rear-end me on I-90 in Bellevue. Rather than dropping my bike and being run over, I was able to bring it safely to a stop on the shoulder. The responding highway patrol trooper and paramedics were all amazed I did not end up under the car that hit me.

I know it is not possible to avoid all motorcycle injuries and deaths. Even so, it was this program that minimized my injuries.

Since the money is going to be spent on the program, let’s continue to have oversight to maintain Washington’s high-quality program for everyone.

Yours truly,
Bob Chapman

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