E-mail text to my state senator about SB5588, Sect. 109

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Here is the text of my message to my state senator regarding suspending the motorcycle safety education advisory board in an attempt to balance the budget.

Since we are on my blog, and not submitting an e-mail using a web form, I’ve uploaded a picture of my bike while in the shop after the accident mentioned in this message. The masthead shows the “before accident/after repairs” configuration.

Remember to ask for a response when contacting your representative or senator.

Senator Berkey:

SB 5588, Sect 109, suspends the motorcycle safety advisory board until July 1, 2011. This is penny-wise and pound-foolish. Support removing this section from SB 5588.

This program is funded by the fees I pay in order to have a motorcycle endorsement on my operator’s license. It is not taking money away from schools, health care, prisons, economic development, or highways.

More importantly, this program saves lives. In particular, my life.

In November 2007, I was rear-ended while riding my motorcycle on I-90 westbound when traffic slowed from 60 mi/hr to 15 mi/hr. It was my motorcycle foundation safety training that taught me to watch for people that may not see me that saved my life. The training instilled a good habit of keeping plenty of space back from cars. In addition, the training gave me insight and skills as to what to do in order to keep from dropping my bike when hit.

On the evening it happened, and with only seconds to spare, I saw I needed to release my brakes and pull my clutch before someone hit me. This was an attempt to avoid going into a skid when hit. If I had dropped the bike, I would have had to deal with a car running over the top of me.

Instead of skidding and dropping the bike, I was able to safely stop my bike on the shoulder after my rear fend was pushed in about 4-5 inches. (Pictures provided on request of the damage.) The responding highway patrol trooper and paramedics–after checking me out and making sure I was fine–were spending more time checking out my Honda VTX 1800S. They were all amazed I didn’t drop the bike.

It is impossible to train for all situations. Still, the extra money I spend for my endorsement was worth my life this time. Don’t take away this needed, life-saving program funded entirely by user fees.

Yours truly,
Bob Chapman

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