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Instruction Manual for Life [cc]

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There are some points with which I would disagree with this video: just because we do not fully understand the truth does not mean there isn’t right or wrong. There is something about looking through a glass dimly that many people miss. On all sides. Still, a good video to examine.

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I’m not the only one to notice the difference between “journalism” and “blog”

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So I’m a little slow on discovering All Things Twittered. Today I’ve discovered the blog of Alex Payne, Al3x for short. Officially, Al3x is the API (application programing interface) lead at Twitter. I other words, he knows how to use information from Twitter in your web application. In the few of his blog posts of [...]

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It is the advertising revenue, stupid!

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Two blog articles about the demise of newspaper journalism have recently made the rounds. It is enough—almost—to make me believe there is such a thing as ying and yang in this world. On April 19, 2009, Joel Brinkley expressed his opinion that Google should pay newspapers for the privilege of indexing their stories in “Web [...]

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