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“Are you Bob Chapman?”

It isn’t too often when a visitor to church already knows my name, so I was a bit surprised. More interestingly is why the person recognized my face.

The web editor of the Everett Herald (@everettherald) follows my Twitter account. Since I tweet about local events, including re-tweeting items from the Everett Herald’s website, it makes sense. She picked up that I am an Episcopalian from the over 1100 accounts @everettherald follows. Then, she and her husband decided they wanted to visit my congregation even though they already have ties to another congregation closer to Everett.

My Twitter picture modified for Iranian election support

Even the green “Iran election” mask on my picture in Twitter couldn’t disguise me. (This mask is disappearing today. This isn’t because I no longer support free elections in Iran, but there comes a time to move on.)

Much of the reason for this visit was networking as well as getting away for a Sunday.

Actually, this was their second visit. Their first visit was two weeks ago when my partner and I were at St. James’ Anglican Church in Vancouver, BC. (You have to get your incense where you can these days.) I don’t know if there will be another visit, I have a new follower on using a personal account.

Most of my posts are re-tweets, many with added comments. This alone was enough to encourage someone to reach out to me.

Am I using Twitter in the most effective way? More importantly, what is an effective use of Twitter? Maybe the right question is whether I am using Twitter in the most effective way for me?

Almighty God, you proclaim your truth in every age by many voices; Direct, in our time, we pray, those who speak where many listen and write what many read; that they may do their part in making the heart of this people wise, its mind sound, and its will righteous; to the honor of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

“For those who Influence Public Opinion,” Book of Common Prayer, page 827

This is twice in a week Twitter has worked for me. What can Twitter do for you?

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