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Make posts that interest people. It is that simple.

That is not what I receive in direct messages and see in other accounts’ time lines, though.

The only purpose of many accounts on Twitter is to tell you how to increase the number of followers you have. I guess simply increasing the number of followers you have is supposed to make you rich and cause you to lose 50 pounds. Somehow I fail to see that advantage of increasing your followers to the thousands if your followers aren’t interested in what you have to say.

How do I know my method works better to gain a targeted following? Because of the new follower e-mail messages I receive from Twitter when I post on certain subjects. Today is a good example.

The account @CrazyLadyon80 posted a link to a Glenn Beck article. In this article he tries to predict what will happen to the United States based on what happened to the Soviet Union.

Despite their economic challenges, soaring inflation and worthless rubles the Soviet people wanted to remain Soviets. They believed in and loved their country. Polls and referendums regularly showed that 76% of the people wanted to remain united as a Soviet Union with some changes taking place, but not a wholesale collapse of their political and economic structure. But despite these feelings, the vast majority of Soviets did nothing as a relatively small but dedicated group of political extremists pushed their agenda forward.

Russia is now an oligarchy. It has abandoned communism and socialism as failed doctrines. Now, a small group of political and business elite run the country while getting rich….

I don’t believe that this is our destiny as a country. Once the transformation process begins a lot of factors influence the outcome….

I am not saying that our political leaders want to take us down these roads. I don’t believe they do. But they have been open to their desire to transform and re-make America. The question we have to answer is will we, like the Soviets and Germans, sit and do nothing while our country is being transformed? Will we too let a relatively small group of radicals transform and re-make America? Or will we take a stand and become a watchdog of liberty, freedom and the Constitution?

There are many things on which one could comment in this article. For one, how valid was any referendum or poll in the USSR?

This is where my liberal arts degree paid off. I know that the Soviet Union was not a true communistic society. A true communist transformation could only take place after industrial capitalism gave way to world-wide socialism.

Russia was not an industrial society when the last tsar was overthrown. The Russian serfs were only freed in 1861–later in Georgia. Russia was primarily an agricultural society at the time of the first Russian revolution in February 1917.

This fact was not lost on those behind the second revolution in Russia in 1917–the one that established the Soviet Union. The decision was made to move ahead to communism by revolutionary leaders.

When Russia became the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, it was really a totalitarian society dressed up in Marxist drag.

I always found it interesting that Solidarity, a true workers’ union, defeated the Soviet Union puppet government in Poland.

Pallada, a Russian tall ship from Vladivostok, taken at the Tacoma Tall Ships festival in July 2005. The Pallada’s keel was laid on July 4, 1989, in the Gdansk shipyard in Poland, the home of Solidarity. Somewhere I have a picture of the dedication plaque on the Pallada, taken during the ship’s 1991 visit to Seattle, which happened during the fall of the Soviet Union. Photo by Robert Chapman.

This lead to these two responses from me on Twitter:

RT @CrazyLadyon80 Learn history.. @glennbeck [But USSR was name-only communist]

.@crazylady80 When USSR faced real communist revolution in Poland (Solidarity), it could not stand up to it.

One could argue with how I presented the facts in the two tweets of 140 characters or less. Twitter is not meant for writing historical or economic papers. Still, I had made my basic point around 12:00 noon.

At 12:10 pm I received an e-mail message saying Real USSR was following me on Twitter. This was followed by Russia News Line at 12:13 pm.

If you want targeted followers interested in what you have to say, make interesting posts.

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