How did civilization make it to the 21st century?

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Sharing the Peace in times of Swine Flu
Courtesy Dave Walker at

This cartoon by Dave Walker from Great Britain captures the concerns many people are having on this side of the Atlantic.

If shaking hands with someone is causing you concern, consider the historic use of the pax-brede. For that matter, Orthodox veneration of icons and the Book of Gospels includes kissing the icon or book.

Orthodox icon veneration

Want to kiss an icon that others have kissed?

Eww. Yucky germs.

How did civilization make it to the 21st century?

At what point are we becoming too phobic about germs?

I do understand that we are living longer today than before. One part of that is a better understanding of sanitation and germs. Yet, you think that people would have been falling over left and right from illness with the common chalice, veneration of icons, and greeting the brother with a holy kiss.

At what point do we get over our fears and start to live?

Considering H1N1 flu, terrorist fears, and financial concerns, this question has plenty of relevance.

Any ideas?

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