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A collision of thoughts

Posted 20 November 2009 by
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Steam Engine Collision

It can be interesting looking at the wreckage after two thoughts collide. Back in 1977, I was taking a class on the history of the American City from Dr. Donald Oster (now an associate professor emeritus) at the then-University of Missouri-Rolla.  At the start of class one day, he told us of a discussion the [...]

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Veterans Day

Posted 11 November 2009 by
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US Flag

Officially, the US is very clear that Veterans Day is not Remembrance Day. We have Memorial Day to remember the fallen. Today is the day to remember the sacrifice of all veterans in time of war. My father, a disabled veteran, won’t talk about everything he saw in Korea. I understand there are some pictures [...]

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Individual Behavior versus Group Behavior

Posted 7 November 2009 by
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We all want the ability to predict what will happen so that we can prevent bad things from happening. There are various academic disciplines that try to do this: psychology, psychiatry, sociology, economics, and political science. There are specializations within each of these disciplines, such as social psychology. Even so, it is still possible for [...]

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Support a Native Son of Everett: Glenn Beck

Posted 6 November 2009 by
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Glenn Beck

In August 2009, Glenn Beck was given the Key to the City of the place he calls his hometown, Mount Vernon, Washington. This makes Beck the second most important person in the world with ties to Mount Vernon. Even though Beck claims Mount Vernon as his hometown, he was not born there. Did you know [...]

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Yahoo is dead! Long live GoDaddy!

Posted 2 November 2009 by
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I’ve been procrastinating. Well, kind of. But, not any more. My relationship with Yahoo as a hosting provider goes back to when they purchased GeoCities (where all good geeks first established their websites in the 1990s). There was a certain simplicity with just leaving things as they were. I can pound HTML. With a text [...]

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