Support a Native Son of Everett: Glenn Beck

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In August 2009, Glenn Beck was given the Key to the City of the place he calls his hometown, Mount Vernon, Washington. This makes Beck the second most important person in the world with ties to Mount Vernon.

Even though Beck claims Mount Vernon as his hometown, he was not born there. Did you know Beck was born in Everett, Washington?

It’s has to be true. I found it in Wikipedia.

(Did you know the most important person with roots to Mount Vernon is my partner? He was born there, not someone who moved there later in life. This makes may partner a true Skagit Valley Boy, not someone that adopts Mount Vernon out of convenience. We really mean it in this household when we say “Save Skagit farmland.” Supporting the Skagit Valley is the real reason I stop at the Longhorn in Edison, Washington, when taking a motorcycle ride.)

With Beck being a true, native son of Everett, Washington—from the banks of Possession Sound on the Salish Sea—some support must be given to him. That is why I want to bring you what a fellow American had to say about Beck’s reported case of appendicitis.

Let us all be aware of this danger.

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