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I am not against firearms. There are legitimate uses.

I question the standard reasons given for the average person carrying a handgun. Particularly the reasons for carrying a concealed weapon.

The reason for carrying a concealed weapon is protection from other humans. If you encounter a bear in Everett, your typical handgun—concealed or open carry—is not going to provide protection. Leave the bear to the police and wildlife authorities.

Will that same handgun protect you against other humans? I won’t deny that having a handgun has provided protection for some people.

How realistic is it to expect to be able to use a handgun for protection? Based upon what has happened recently in Western Washington, it isn’t very realistic.

There are four dead police officers from Lakewood, Washington. They were ambushed by a lone gunman in a coffee shop on Sunday morning. One of the dead officers was able to get off a shot that hit the gunman in the abdomen, but it didn’t kill him.

This happened only a few short weeks after the City of Seattle buried a police officer that was ambushed while in a patrol cruiser with another officer.

That is five police officers in one month. All were experienced officers. The four Lakewood officers should have been reminded to remain vigilant, based upon the previous death. Their handguns did not save their lives.

It sounds like the latest shooter had a very good chance at killing another police officer during the final confrontation. There have been descriptions of the last officer seeing the shooter in his rear view mirror at the last moment. 

It is time to be realistic about the use of handguns. There may be positive uses for them, but at what chances?

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