Only one prosecuting attorney candidate with comprehensive experience

Posted 1 December 2009 by
Jim Kenney

This is a letter I sent to The Daily Herald in Everett, Washington regarding replacement of the Snohomish County Prosecutor.

The Snohomish County Council needs to replace our prosecuting attorney. There is a lot of talk that only one candidate deserves it. That is true.

The Office of Prosecuting Attorney oversees more than criminal prosecution. It conducts all civil litigation for the county. It writes all new ordinances. It works with county departments and government bodies at all levels. This is Snohomish County’s comprehensive law firm.

Only one candidate has a comprehensive history. Jim Kenney has extensive criminal and civil law experience. Kenney serves on an elected governing board. Kenney negotiates agreements with governmental bodies.

Only one candidate discusses the future along with the past. Jim Kenney feels more justice results from more jury trials. Kenney seeks more alternative justice venues. Kenney wants to be proactive with the community to reduce crime.

Only one has the comprehensive experience and vision to be prosecuting attorney. That candidate is Jim Kenney.

I ask my Snohomish County Council to make Jim Kenney our next prosecuting attorney. Kenney is the only candidate that really deserves it.

Yours truly,

Robert R. Chapman, Jr.

Visit Jim Kenney’s and the Herald’s website.

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