Fly your flag to show support for federal employees through February 25, 2010

Posted 18 February 2010 by

Why should a person be subject to death simply because they work in a federal office building?

We need to show our support for all federal employees at this time. Some accuse them of being a serious problem. Of course, it isn’t true. They are working according to the conditions and standards we set for them through law

I’m not saying they are perfect. They are human, subject to the same problems each of us face. Some federal employees do handle it better than others. Some need replacing. Most need our support and thanks.

It is time to stop demonizing humans just because they are federal employees.

No one should feel like they are subject to attack because they work for the federal government and work in a federal building.

Show your support for federal employees. Fly your flag through February 25, 2010. Tell everyone why you are doing it.

Don’t let the Texas Tax Terrorist win.

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