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It isn’t too often I get to comment on the latest, cool technology and life in the church.

The person in the picture on the right is a real person. That is, he was present in flesh and blood when the picture was taken.

The person on the left was not physically there when the picture was taken. He is a holographic projection.

This picture comes from “Holographic Technology,” a blog post by Tony Morgan. He makes this claim:

Pricing is coming down quickly to the point that I won’t be surprised if we see this technology implemented in churches within the next 12 months. Interestingly enough, this solution that Clark is offering is unique in that churches don’t have to use special cameras to capture the content and deliver the holographic images.

One person making a comment said, “This would be an awesome addition to our already amazing resources to reach people.” Another person referred to someone said something more telling:

Dr. Leonard Sweet has been predicting for years that the future of ministry is holographic technology. He calls it “Avatar Evangelism”. Pretty interesting!

So, will we need 3-D glasses when we go to church? Or, will worship be like reserving the holodeck on the Enterprise? It makes you wonder how anyone could have grown in their faith before the computer age.

I do not doubt how this technology will be able to used in education. That can be in school, the workplace, or in church. It will make Donald in Mathmagic Land seem so quaint. (And I still haven’t been able to memorize how to do the pool trick in this movie so I can show off with it.)

Somewhere I missed the part in the Bible where it said that we are to wow people with our technology to show them God. I did catch the part where it is our faith in action that shows them God.

I hope people really don’t think that reducing evangelism to a night at the movies is going to bring the Peaceable Kingdom.

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