Of Mohawks and Men

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I would have done this sooner if I had known how much fun it was going to be.

In front of the Falls of the Big Sioux River, 2001

By the Falls of the Big Sioux River, 2001

About ten years ago I used to have a ponytail, as in “pony-tailed software geek” and “longhair biker.”

The ponytail disappeared in 2004 with a bit of reasonable self-consideration. You are not allowed to have alcohol in your haircare products when you undergo hyperbaric treatment for injury from radiation therapy. The reason is your hair could undergo spontaneous combustion when under pressure.

In other words, I did not want to become a literal flaming queen.

For a while, I went with the shaved look during hyperbaric treatment. While alcohol-free haircare products are on the market, why take any chances?

Microsoft Badge

Microsoft Badge

After treatment, the buzz cut became old. There have been various styles of short hair since then. I did not want to go back to really long hair because of maintenance issues. And, a mullet was always out of the question.

In January 2010, I my hair had evolved into a fauxhawk. My Microsoft badge from that period captured it. Because of a certain soccer player of English descent, fauxhawks are not that radical these days. Every metrosexual has already had one and are trying to hide the pictures.

Those people that knew me said they like how this looked on me. At least I was not committing job suicide. But, I did have problems with my motorcycle helmet and the fauxhawk. You have an extreme case of helmet head.

So, I decided to solve the problem of the flattened fauxhawk.

Of Mohawks and Men

Of Mohawks and Men

I admit this isn’t the traditional Mohawk that makes you look like you are ready to head bang your way through the night. It even is my natural hair color. But it is a Mohawk. And, so far only one person has made a reference to Glee.

The only reason why I took the plunge is because I was working from home at that time. The reaction I’ve received has convinced me to keep it for a while.

Rather than becoming the feared punk, I have become the cool guy. I have been complemented on the street in Everett by men and women. The teenage boys at the mall smile when they see me (and not laugh). Even the little old ladies at church has said it looks good on me (but they are all too kind).

The clincher was one evening late last week. Through traffic serious problems and delays on the day of the canceled Eagle’s concert in Seattle, I was going to be very late for a massage appointment. After I rescheduled for the next day, I then decided to have dinner and a drink on Capitol Hill, since I was already in downtown Seattle.

All of a sudden, everyone was my friend. I had the most fun in a Capitol Hill bar than I have had in years on years. Drunkenness was not achieved, necessary, or even desired on my part.

Later, I discovered a 6 foot 3 inch person in cowboy boots and leather jacket rocking a Mohawk with a couple of drinks in him is treated with respect when walking to the bus stop and while riding the bus going home to Everett.

I readily admit this has played to my ego. Just remember that jealousy will get you nowhere.

There is no telling how long I will keep this Mohawk. But, I wish I had done it sooner.

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