Rogation Days

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“Rogation days are, in the calendar of the Western Church, four days traditionally set apart for solemn processions to invoke God’s mercy. They are April 25, the Major Rogation, coinciding with St. Mark’s Day (but having no connection with it); and the three days preceding Ascension Day, the Minor Rogations” (Rogation Days, Wikipedia, 1 May 2010)

In spite of what Wikipedia thinks about the currency of the Rogation Days, there are provisions for a “Rogation Procession” in the Book of Occasional Services of the Episcopal Church. One of the “hymns, psalms, canticles, and anthems” for a Rogation Procession is the Benedicite, showing the environmental theme of its observance.

In 2010, the Rogation Days in the Episcopal Church are 3-5 May.

An appropriate hymn is “O Jesus, crowned with all renown” by Edward White Benson (1829 – 1896). Looking at the words, Benson must have been one of those Christians that Glenn Beck warns us about.

O Jesus, crowned with all renown,
since thou the earth hast trod,
thou reignest and by thee come down
henceforth the gifts of God.
Thine is the health and thine the wealth
that in our halls abound,
and thine the beauty and the joy
with which the years are crowned.

Lord, in their change, let frost and heat,
and winds and dews be given;
all fostering power, all influence sweet,
breathe from the bounteous heaven.
Attemper fair and gentle air
the sunshine and the rain,
that kindly earth with timely birth
may yield her fruits again:

That we may feed the poor aright,
and gathering round thy throne,
here, in the holy angel’s sight,
repay thee of thine own:
That we may praise thee all our days,
and with the Father’s Name,
and with the Holy Spirit’s gifts,
the Savior’s love proclaim.

The common tune for this hymn in the United States is Kingsfold, as transcribed by Ralph Vaughn Williams.

Sing away! But be careful. I may have to report you.

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