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Customer service?

Posted 28 July 2010 by
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Well done, BREGO, my friend

So, how do you leave your bike for service if you have a job? How do you stroll through the sales floor when you have a job?

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Web-based training and spirituality

Posted 10 July 2010 by
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Wessington, South Dakota, Water Tower

As a teacher, my encouraged my students to move beyond the knowledge, comprehension, and application levels of learning. I did this through engaging my students personally in the lesson. They developed their own ideas about what they thought was going to happen, and then designed an experiment to prove or disprove their ideas. As a results, they internalized their lessons and learned more than simple fact recitation or programming. So, why would anyone want to teach church doctrine from watching a website?

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Soccer as religion

Posted 5 July 2010 by
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On June 25, 2010, the congregation at the Hervormde kerk (Reformed Church) of Godlinze, Groningen, Netherlands sang “Wij houden van oranje” (“We love Orange”), the Dutch Football Anthem. Considering what the Orange has done at the World Cup Games in South Africa, I do not think we can argue with success. After beating Brazil at soccer, what will the US do if the Netherlands declares war on us?

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Child soldiers

Posted 3 July 2010 by
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Was William Billings describing the facts when he wrote that British generals fled before our beardless youth in the Revolutionary War? Or, was he being boastful?

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Immigration and the American Nation

Posted 3 July 2010 by
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The Declaration of Independence

Refusing to pass immigration reform law was an issue used as a bullet point against King George III in the Declaration of Independence. Apparently the more things change, the more they stay the same. What do you hear in the Declaration?

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