Cool Hand Luke

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In September 2008, things looked bad for the presidential election campaign of Barack Obama. In spite of the cries of anguish, the future president played it cool, and won the presidency in a convincing manner.

Now it is 2010. When one party controls the House, the Senate, and the Presidency, it is normal for that party to lose seats in the House and Senate. There has been worries about the Democrats losing control of one or both houses of Congress in a major setback.

A funny thing seems to be happening on the way a disaster for Democrats in 2010.

In the senate race in Kentucky, Democrat Jack Conway has closed a 15 point gap with Republican Rand Paul. (“Jack Conway pulls even with Rand Paul in Bluegrass Poll: Democrat closes a 15-point gap,” Courrier-Journal website, retrieved September 27, 2010)

In the senate race in Nevada, Harry Reid is now increasing his lead over his Tea Party opponent. (“Nevada Statewide Survey: September 21-23, 2010,”  page 9, retrieved September 27, 2010)

Poll results for the governor and senate races in California show Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown leading Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina. (“USC/Los Angeles Times: Frequency Questionnaire, September 15-22, 2010,” pages 4-6, retrieved September 27, 2010)

All of a sudden, it does not look like a major setback for Democrats in 2010. “What looked like a bloodbath for the Democrats is starting to shape up to be a traditional midterm election during a recession.” The National Congressional Ballot chart shows the line for the Democrats is trending upward.

Losing any seats is bad, but it would be highly unusual for the Democrats not to lose any.

I think my president must be Cool Hand Luke.

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