General Election 2010 Candidates in Washington State and Snohomish County

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2010 Ballot in Snohomish County, Washington

2010 Ballot in Snohomish County, Washington

Here are my recommendations for candidates in the 2010 General Election in Washington State and Snohomish County.

Read the 2010 Online Voters’ Guide from the State of Washington.

To start, here are some facts backing up my biases:

  1. Democratic administrations do far better at private market job creation than Republicans. Depending on how you run the numbers, it is either two or three times better. Democratic presidents “have been considerably more effective at creating private-sector jobs” (using US Government data)A quiz for the GOP on jobs: let’s go viral (Wall Street Journal data). The best Republican for job growth was Nixon, who followed some Keyensian economics. (Nixon also started the EPA and wanted nationwide health care reform.)
  2. Democratic administrations do far, far better with the national debt. Truman’s administration can be considered a fluke, coming out of World War II, but the pattern holds. National debt by U.S. presidential termsU.S. Federal Deficits and Presidents.

Search the web. There are many articles that show fact-based results.

US Senate

  • Patty Murry

What scares me is that Dino Rossi may actually follow through with his anti-”earmark” rhetoric.

We have the results of such a throught pattern in Snohomish and King Counties. The state legislators from the 39th legislative district did not work to secure funding to improve and upgrade US 2 from Everett to Snoqualmie Pass. Most of it is two lanes. Much of that is without shoulders. There are many narrow bridges or older cantelever bridges with lower clearances than current standards. The people in the 39th elect “fiscally responsible” Republicans while complaining about a dangerous highway. They do not see the correlation on why US 2 is still a dangerous highway. (If necessary, we need to raise the tax dollars for this.)

Rossi’s remarks should make those along the Green River think twice. Or, those whose safety depend on the Hanford Cleanup should pause. Rossi might be serious.

It is only pork if it is spent in another person’s district or state, I guess. At least Democrats have a proven track record of controlling the defict and creating jobs. Democrats also understand that building infrastructure is necessary for future progress.

US Representative, District 2

  • Rick Larsen

Rick Larsen has taken the hard votes when necessary. He has supported the defense. He fought to make sure health care reform would not make things worse. He knows you need to pay for the things you buy. He knows what he votes on, including the details (as proven at the health care town hall meetings he held).

After 1929 and 2008, John Koster still trusts the stock market more than Social Security.

38th Legislative District Senator

  • Nick Harper

Nick Harper will probably want the right things in Olympia. Unfortunately, I do not know if he knows his district. How will he explain the compromises he must make as a legislator to get passage of a bill after what he said about our current senator? The next session of the Legislature will require more cuts in the budget that will cut into the things he says he supports.

Harper said he prefers the Democratic Party, but he chose not to work with the local precinct committee officers on which he must depend. Instead, he imported support from outside the district to scratch out a vote count in the primary that was not all that different from the other two candidates. It would have only taken some small differences in turnout to have had him in third place in the primary.

Why am I supporting Harper? Harper has to be better than Rod Rieger, who does not recognize Washington State already has one of the best business environments. Reiger’s platitudes do not translate to jobs. Also, anyone basing his economics on the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas needs to read something more recent.

38th Legislative District Representatives

  • John McCoy (Position 1)
  • Mike Sells (Position 2)

Both have proven their ability to represent everyone in their district and to work with others. They deal with facts, not fanciful theories that do not work. They support the right things.

Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney

  • Jim Kenny

If this was Asotin County or Okanagan County, you would expect the elected prosecuting attorney to actively prosecute cases. In the larger counties, such as Clark, Spokane, Pierce, King, and Snohomish, the prosecuting attorney is a manager.

Jim Kenny has proved his management skills with his position as chair of Snohomish County Fire Protection District No. 1. Along with providing services to a large area in unincorporated southwest Snohomish County, this district contracts with several cities for services. He has negotiated labor contracts as well as those city service agreements.

In addition, Kenny has prosecutorial experience with Clark County and the City of Seattle. He has seen how smart, alternative programs work to prevent repeat offenders and reduce costs.

Meanwhile, there are several events in the short time Mark Roe has served as interim Prosecuting Attorney that makes me question his skills. From a management standpoint, he should have stopped the trials of David Orvis and Troy Meade without having convincing evidence. In the case of Meade, it was reported Roe personally made the decision to prosecute.

Roe’s accepted signifigant campaign contributions from the parents of a twenty-something whose felony case was being prosecuted by his office. Decisions were made in the prosecution gives the appearance of possible favorable treatment by the office. The issue in this case is not whether there was actual favorable treatment. The question is how Roe does not seem to see how this could look bad.

Justice must look and be fair. Looking bad, even if actually being fair, hurts the criminal justice system.

The Kenny campaign has posted scans of court documents and campaign contribution records regarding the donation.

Kenny has the managerial experience. It is time for some fresh air in Snohomish County government.

State Supreme Court Position 6

  • Charlie Wiggins

I support Charlie Wiggins for much of the same reasons I support Jim Kenny.

Richard B. Sanders, who currently holding the office, has done many things that look bad for fair and impartial justice. In some cases, Sanders has been censured for what he has done by his collegues.

While I like someone with independent thought, at some point you hope the person holding an office is not in complete left field. Sanders sometimes appears to operate under a different legal system than the rest of us.

Wiggins has the credentials. It is time of a change.

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