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Rally to Restore Sanity

The Daily Show: Rally to Restore Sanity

Jon Stewart’s closing monologue at the Rally to Restore Sanity had this line in it:

We live in hard times, not end times.

This makes Stewart a prophet for our times.

Actually, Stewart’s whole closing monologue said more or less what Scott Simon said in his “Simon Says” segment on Weekend Edition—Saturday on the same day. In that segment, Simon described the time he was a campaign manager for a candidate in a Chicago city council race. The campaign was rough, but when the campaign was finished “…we’d all go back to being neighbors.” I believe this sums up the main idea in Simon’s monologue:

I don’t want to sentimentalize that campaign. But I’m glad I got to see how politics could be tough but good-natured, and I wonder about young people in campaigns today who must think that the goal is mutual annihilation. (Scott Simon, “A Lesson In Campaign Mismanagement“)

It is not my wish to make this sound like “Can we get along?” Or, do I?

What is stopping us from holding and definding our opinions while not demonizing those who hold different opinions? Why can’t we look at the facts, not only opinions?

Can we get along?

(Click the video to watch it on YouTube.)

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