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So, I’m sure you are all interested in a typical day of the life of a technical communicator.

OK. Humor me. Say you do, anyway.

Tom Johnson, I'd rather be writing

Tom Johnson, I'd rather be writing

Tom Johnson has a blog called I’d Rather Be Writing. He uses it as a way to update people on trends in technical communication. Then again, he has been known to show a bit of what goes on behind closed doors in the life of a technical communicator.

I need your help with documentation” takes a humorous-yet-realistic look at a conversation between a project manager and a technical communicator. He uses Xtranormal Movies to look at things from each person’s side.

What I want to know is how he got away with recording conversations in which I have participated. I thought in Washington State all parties had to give permission before recording private converstions. There were things in both videos that were hitting a bit too close to home.

My recommendation is that every techinical communicator and project manager should be forced to watch these videos twice a year. This way you will not forget the content.

On a side note, I wonder how well Xtranormal would work with web-based instructional design?

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