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I still cannot listen to Liebesträume.

I tried. (See the YouTube video below.)

When taking piano lessons when growing up, one of the instruction books I contained a simplified version of Liebesträume No. 3 by Franz Lizt. My mother loved listening to me play it. Over and over. Again and agin.

I became sick of it.

It is safe to say I never played it again for her after I graduated from high school. I tried not listen to it, whether on a recording or on the radio.

When living in South Dakota, I did make an exception. There was a classical music request program on South Dakota Public Radio when I lived in Sioux Falls. Contacting the announcer in advance, I explained why I wanted Liebesträume. We agreed on the time it would be played. On the day in question, I made sure we were in my apartment before the appointed time. I had the radio on. We were ready.

Just before it was played, my mom decides to go to the toilet.

Well, I tried. That was the last time I even thought about playing Liebesträume for my mother. That is, until this week.

Now that my mom is only receiving comfort care in the hospital, I know what would make her the happiest. Take her in a wheelchair to a piano somewhere in Providence Hospital in Everett and play it for her.

I ain’t gonna happen.

While I can still play, somewhat, in no way are my skills up to tackling a real version of Liebesträume. I do not think “short notice” has anything to do about it. I use a keyboard for a living, but not a piano keyboard.

I do not remember what book contained the simplified version. That means I cannot try to find a copy of it somewhere (or download a reproduction of it from the Internet), brush up, and play it for her.

Besides, I still do not like it.

I have cheated an asked my partner to brush up his playing of it, instead. While he has not played it in a long time, I know he is up to the challenge, at least enough for this challenge.

There is no guilt in this, as far as I am concerned. I have considered brushing up something for her. What, I do not know. Maybe I can cheat by doing a duet with my partner? He has the patience to put up with my skills. Of course, he would take the lead.

Whatever I do, though, I need to make it soon.

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