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The Not-so-great Communicator

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President Obama greets the Speaker of the House before the State of the Union Address

On January 25, 2011, President Barack Obama fulfilled his obligation by giving the State of the Union Address. If a President where always to get what they want out of their own political party, we would have a public (government) option in the health care reform bill. As a co-equal branch of government, Congress does what Congress wants to do. Because the State of the Union is a wish list only, the President has to sell the agenda in it. Today Mr. Obama seems to be at a rhetorical disadvantage to sell his agenda. What should be done about it?

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To fraking go where no one has gone before

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Battlestar Gallactica, BSG-75

While there are bad episodes, most Star Trek episodes from any of the series bear re-watching. The episodes of Battlestar Gallactica are dark, brutal, violent, and sexual, sometimes much more than necessary to make a point. How far does art need to go to make its point?

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A prayer in darkness

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A Prayer in Darkness

A contractor can be held liable if a construction site is not secured and a child is injured. It is also illegal to incite others to riot. Why should a politician not be held responsible for using violent speech?

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In joy and terror the Word is born!

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Winter Night

It is popular by some to say that Christmas is all about children, family, and warm feelings. It is not that I am against children, family, and warm feelings, but is that what Christmas is about?

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