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Engage the culture, change the world on your own dime

Posted 12 February 2011 by
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Seattle Pacific University

Seattle Pacific University can do whatever it wants to do. It can support or condemn what it wants to. That is this institution’s right. It is my right not to support SPU when it goes against my beliefs.

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It is not the end of the world as we know it

Posted 11 February 2011 by
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Corporation for Public Broadcasting

We have the Republican Party trying to zero out CPB funding, again. is trying to get people to sign petitions to save NPR and PBS. Apparently, the Left knows as much about CPB funding as the Right. Let your representative and senator know your opinion. And, do not panic.

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God is not real. God is complex.

Posted 6 February 2011 by
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The Rev. Canon John Fergueson, Rector, Church of the Redeemer

The Rev. Canon John Fergueson is giving three questions for people to think about during the Creed during Ephiphany 2011. They are (1) God is real, (2) God can transform, and (3) I love Jesus. I wish to disagree with statement number 1.

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Follow Ronald Reagan’s actions about tax increases

Posted 4 February 2011 by
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Official Portrait of President Reagan, 1981

In his campaign rhetoric, Ronald Reagan said we needed to reduce taxes and the size of government. Personally, I think it is time to do something closer to what Reagan actually did as governor of California and president of the United States.

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The cloud went away

Posted 1 February 2011 by
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Puget Sound under broken clouds

Cloud computing has been the on the ascension for a while now. While hosting your applications this way has advantages, I have had concerns about an over reliance on the cloud. Flickr deleting 4000 pictures on a paid account demonstrates why.

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