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Seattle Pacific University

Seattle Pacific University

Seattle Pacific University can do whatever it wants to do. It can support or condemn what it wants to. That is this institution’s right.

It is my right not to support SPU when it goes against my beliefs. As a member of what is more commonly today called BECU (since you no longer have to be a member of Boeing to join this credit union), I do not want to see them supporting Seattle Pacific University when that institution works against my interests.

SPU will not discuss establishing a student organization to discuss human sexuality.

[Jeff] Jordan [associate vice president for academic affairs] told the student leaders he will no longer discuss the possibility of official club status for Haven, a group dedicated to discussing sexuality, including gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer issues. ["Haven no longer to meet on campus," The Falcon, retrieved 12 February 2011]

Acknowledging SPU’s official position on sexuality is not good enough.

According to its Statement of Purpose, “Haven recognizes that SPU has a Statement on Human Sexuality that defines the university’s position. Haven will ensure that the content of this statement is clearly presented in our activities. Because Haven exists to promote safe and respectful conversations, however, Haven will ensure that all views, even those in disagreement with SPU’s Statement, are presented fairly and treated impartially.”

The administration at SPU needs to get a clue about modern communications. Revolutions happen because of Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. It is more than recent events in Egypt. Do any of you remember the relationship of Iran and Twitter back in 2009?

You can cause revolutions against national governments with a cell phone. What chance does the SPU’s administration have to stop the discussion of human sexuality? Apparently, very little chance exists, based on this from the online version of the student newspaper:

Every spring, I am surrounded by men who joke about short skirts and v-necks on women causing people to stumble. This type of “joking” is not funny and it indicates a deep oppression of women by men. ["Men stumbling should not restrict female's expression," The Falcon, retrieved 12 February 2011]

In particular, there is this response to that article (presented as posted):

i love the false binary presented all throughout this comment thread. it’s guys who lust after girls, and girls who lust after guys, as if there were no homosexuals on our campus.

where’s the outcry over guy floors getting naked after floor hours? has anyone ever considered that full-frontal nudity might perhaps place a rather unavoidable stumbling block in front of our homosexual brothers, especially given the seemingly insatiable drive for ‘floor unity,’ where those who stay in their rooms (perhaps because of the nudity) are ostracized.

female modesty only ever comes up spring quarter. but nudity on floors happens all year long, and is an accepted and normative practice at SPU (and a lot of other universities). which one should we be more concerned with?

On one hand, I support the present openness of the student news publication. There is a problem though. This is still an official publication of SPU, and my money is being spent to support it.

Screen shot from the Falcon showing BECU ad

Screen shot from the Falcon showing BECU ad

The screen shot shows BECU supporting the Falcon (the SPU student publication). Actually, on this day, I saw only BECU ads on the website. As a person who is a member and has a loan with BECU, I am helping to pay for the Falcon.

Would the Falcon be free to criticize the SPU Statement on Sexuality? I doubt it, although this comes close (be sure to click the link on “this”).

How many other ways is BECU supporting SPU? How many other organizations or companies with which I have relationships support SPU? Maybe it is time I contact these companies and state my displeasure that SPU will not allow the official creation of a student organization to discuss the matter of human sexuality on campus. After all, something should be done about those boys romping around in the nude in the dorms after hours. Someone might have an impure thought.

(Note to SPU students. Your campus is not that all that far from the University of Washington. To discuss human sexuality without bearing false witness against your neighbor, cross the Freemont Bridge and follow the Burke Gillman Bike Trail west. I bet you can be more honest at the state school than you can at your Christian college. For another suggestion, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is on the other side of Queen Anne Hill from your campus—a simple ride on the Metro 13/2. It is no secret to SPU students where St. Paul’s is, as you always have a large contingent at their Easter Vigil service. Also, the Rev. Kevin Pearson at St. Luke’s in Renton is a SPU graduate.)

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