The cloud went away

Posted 1 February 2011 by
Puget Sound under broken clouds

Puget Sound under broken clouds

Cloud computing has been the on the ascension for a while now. It offers convenience and scalability to hosting applications. While hosting your applications this way has advantages, I have had concerns about an over reliance on the cloud. My concerns revolve around the following:

  • Will you have connectivity to get to the cloud when you need it?
  • If you are using a free service, no consideration (money) changes hands so there is not a legally enforceable contract.

Apparently, there can be problems, even if you pay. Read, “Flickr Accidentally Deletes a User’s 4,000 Photos and Can’t Get Them Back.” While a later report says that Flickr may have found a way to restore the user’s pictures, it is not certain yet.

The user is examining the Flickr terms of service to see the possible recourses. Meanwhile, he is waiting to see if Flickr can restore his account.

The advice in the article is worth following:

This cautionary tale should remind all Flickr users—especially people who rely on the free version of the service—to back up their photos. Despite a growing reliance on cloud storage across industries, negligence or a rookie mistake by a new employee could irreversibly wipe out user data—be it Facebook friends, blog posts or a photographer’s oeurve.

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