Captain George Vancouver declares New Georgia, including site of modern-day Everett

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Captain George VancouverOn June 4, 1792, Captain George Vancouver claimed a region he called New Georgia for his monach, King George III of Great Britain. When he did this, he was anchored in the waters of Possession Sound near the site of present-day Everett, Washington.

It was not as if the area was empty. The Snohomish, Skagit, Sauke-Suiattle, Samish, and other people lived in the area. They knew whose land it was, even if Vancouver did not.

In the end, we know how this story ended. Fortunately, war was avoided over a pig.  

Considering that Vancouver’s party was the first to land in what is modern-day Hawaii (while on the way to New Georgia), his trip was not all that sucessful in claiming territory for his monarch. He even missed finding the Columbia River. Consolation prize was naming a large amount of the geography in the area of the Salish Sea.

In honor of George Vancouver “discovering” Everett and naming the area for his monarch, here is a song.

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