Initiative 1185 (Washington State)

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Washington State Flag

Washington State Flag

Vote NO.

We have founded for you a republic if you can keep it.

This is a statement attributed to Benjamin Franklin after the Constitutional Convention of the United States. There is not convincing evidence he actually uttered those words, though. However, the feeling behind them is important to understand American government.

A monarch does not give assent to our laws. We do not have mob rule. Instead, we select people to govern us. (The New England town meeting is a limited exception for that region of the country, and is not as widespread as it used to be.)

Has it always worked right? No. However, the United States has only had one Civil War between the States in over 200 years. Europe should be so lucky.

So, why would anyone try to move the needle away from our via media? And, do that in a way that has a shadowy constitutionality in Washington State.

Vote no. And, if your legislator acts improperly, vote to replace your legislator.

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