Initiative 1240 (Washington State)

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Washington State Flag

Washington State Flag

Vote NO.

Bill Gates, what part of “no” don’t you understand?

Charter schools have been repeatedly been defeated in Washington State. The evidence so far is that we would be wasting our time if we do approve them. Charter schools so far have not performed better than regular public schools.

So, why do we want to create a new bureaucracy to do what we are already doing?

There is already another reason to reject inserting a new bureaucracy: a local school district already has the power to create a charter school. There was a charter school in the Edmonds School District in the 1990s that did everything this initiative promises to do, while keeping the unionized teachers.

If any nonprofit organization wants to establish a laboratory school for research purposes, all they have to do is approach a local school district. Now. Without a new law. So, why change the rules?

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