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I need your help with some documentation

Posted 6 November 2010 by
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Tom Johnson, I'd rather be writing

Tom Johnson has a blog called I’d Rather Be Writing. He uses it as a way to update people on trends in technical communication. “I need your help with documentation” takes a humorous-yet-realistic look at a conversation between a project manager and a technical communicator. He uses Xtranormal Movies to look at things from each person’s side.

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Using Author-it

Posted 8 October 2010 by
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I recently was working on an editing project using Author-it. In many ways, this tool turns your normal writing process upside-down, and inside-out. Yet, this tool allows you to write once, but use portions of your writing in many different output formats and different documents within the same format.

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For you left-brain types, it works on the Affective Domain

Posted 19 May 2010 by
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Kyle Warnick spoke to the Puget Sound Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication on “Let Me Tell You A Story: How Storytelling Can Create Emotional Responses and Deep Connections Between Your Reader, Customer, Friend or Brand.” By demonstrating its effectiveness with his presentation, I’m left with the question of how much communicators need to actively think like marketers to increase effectivness.

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Gonzo editing

Posted 5 May 2010 by
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I have twice participated in a project I’m describing as “Gonzo editing.” I am not being pejorative by using the term “Gonzo.” Hunter Thompson breathed fresh air into journalism with his Gonzo style. Telling the truth of a story (not just the facts) sometimes requires a different touch. At the same time, I am thankful [...]

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Welcome to WordPress

Posted 13 April 2010 by
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It finally happened. It finally worked. My blog is hosted on my own domain using WordPress software. One of the resulting changes is that I am now able to create posts in Microsoft® Word 2007, as this post was. Blogger would never let Word sync with it. So, no more using a Java-enabled web interface [...]

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A collision of thoughts

Posted 20 November 2009 by
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Steam Engine Collision

It can be interesting looking at the wreckage after two thoughts collide. Back in 1977, I was taking a class on the history of the American City from Dr. Donald Oster (now an associate professor emeritus) at the then-University of Missouri-Rolla.  At the start of class one day, he told us of a discussion the [...]

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Print. It’s the new vinyl.

Posted 21 July 2009 by
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Techdirt has noted that vinyl record sales is gaining while CD sales are falling. There are a number of reasons for this, but the most obvious is that the LP is a tangible object that can’t be easily reproduced and can only be shared through a physical, real-world exchange. For true fans, the LP is [...]

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Not that this practice is new…

Posted 21 May 2009 by
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A blog post on the Minnesota Public Radio website shows what can happen when an industry-financed press release is sent from a third-party. Publicity happens. At least one news source called it properly in that particular case. This isn’t a new practice, though. In the past, though, you actually had to send the release on [...]

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Maybe Estate 4.1?

Posted 5 May 2009 by
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With much hubris, many New Media bloggers see their work replacing the product of traditional media. Some people feel nothing good came come of a blog. Is the truth in the middle? Is there a synergy with professionals and amateurs working together that gives us a sum that is greater than their individual parts? Poynter [...]

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I’m not the only one to notice the difference between “journalism” and “blog”

Posted 23 April 2009 by
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So I’m a little slow on discovering All Things Twittered. Today I’ve discovered the blog of Alex Payne, Al3x for short. Officially, Al3x is the API (application programing interface) lead at Twitter. I other words, he knows how to use information from Twitter in your web application. In the few of his blog posts of [...]

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It is the advertising revenue, stupid!

Posted 22 April 2009 by
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Two blog articles about the demise of newspaper journalism have recently made the rounds. It is enough—almost—to make me believe there is such a thing as ying and yang in this world. On April 19, 2009, Joel Brinkley expressed his opinion that Google should pay newspapers for the privilege of indexing their stories in “Web [...]

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How to become a famous blogger

Posted 17 March 2009 by
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I found this on the web. It seems appropriate enough. Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

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