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Anglican assimilation of Rome

Posted 19 September 2010 by
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Photo of the Blessed John Henry Newman

With the Beatification of John Henry Newman, Anglicanism has almost completed its primary mission since the time of Elizabeth I, the assimilation of Rome. Resistance is futile.

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Cat becomes regular bus commuter

Posted 30 July 2009 by
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Using a transit bus is so easy, even a cat could do it. “Cat becomes regular bus commuter.” What they don’t say is whether the cat knows how to signal the driver for its stop. Animals can show intelligence. Apparently more intelligence than humans that insist on driving when they have options.

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Conan O’Brien Reflects On Sarah Palin’s Farewell Speech with William Shatner

Posted 28 July 2009 by
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Conan O’Brien had a point. When a trained Shakespearean actor read a portion of it as beat poetry, Sarah Palin’s resignation speech made sense. It is an interesting insight. Dare I say the Republican Party—or at least Sarah Palin—owes something to Conan O’Brien?

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Urban Dictionary definition of Pope Benedict XVI

Posted 3 June 2009 by
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The on-line Urban Dictionary is not for someone sheltered and prudish wanting to stay that way. I use the Urban Dictionary to close the inevitable generation gap. With the exception of the word “cool,” words constantly gain new connotations and uses. The interwebs has made these changes faster than it did when you had to [...]

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A miracle or three for the Epiphany Season

Posted 21 February 2009 by
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I feel a new post coming on. This will keep you occupied until it happens. By the way, this Rowan Atkinson skit does give us a good reason of why Jesus told people not to tell anyone about his miracles.

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