Something that can be discussed rationally

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Kit Bond

Morning Edition had a story on November 9, 2010, about Hon. Christopher Bond’s book “The Next Front: Southeast Asia and the Road to Global Peace with Islam.” The tone of this interview was very different from what I have been hearing from most Republicans for the last ten years or so. Bond was respectful. He based his statements on personal study and reliable research. He had good advice for President Obama. And, Bond’s comments were not given over to fear and anger. It was refreshing.

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I need your help with some documentation

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Tom Johnson, I'd rather be writing

Tom Johnson has a blog called I’d Rather Be Writing. He uses it as a way to update people on trends in technical communication. “I need your help with documentation” takes a humorous-yet-realistic look at a conversation between a project manager and a technical communicator. He uses Xtranormal Movies to look at things from each person’s side.

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What goes around, comes around

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Original Republican Elephant

These next two years should be interesting. That is, as Republican rhetoric meets cold, hard fact, we are all going to be living in Interesting Times.

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The real reason is?

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Gay Rights Flag

Why would someone compare calling someone a slut at a funeral to be the same as calling someone a fag? One is based on behavior. The other is what the person is.

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Using Author-it

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I recently was working on an editing project using Author-it. In many ways, this tool turns your normal writing process upside-down, and inside-out. Yet, this tool allows you to write once, but use portions of your writing in many different output formats and different documents within the same format.

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Cool Hand Luke

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President Barack Obama

When one party controls the House, the Senate, and the Presidency, it is normal for that party to lose seats in the House and Senate. There has been worries about the Democrats losing control of one or both houses of Congress in a major setback in 2010. All of a sudden, it does not look like a major setback for Democrats in 2010.

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Rest in heavenly peace

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Clair Cline with violin made while a POW

The Tacoma News Tribune reported the death of Clair Cline, 92, on Sunday, September 19, 2010. Why remember and honor Cline? Cline made a violin while a prisoner of war. The first concert was on Christmas Eve, 1944. A song he chose to play crossed all wartime front lines, “Silent Night.” Or, “Stille Nacht,” if you prefer. Cline has found peace, even if for a brief moment, during a concert while a prisoner of war. He now has his peace from struggle on this earth. May we find a way to peace today, and may it last longer than an evening, so that we can rise above the war of life to enter the Peaceable Kingdom.

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Anglican assimilation of Rome

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Photo of the Blessed John Henry Newman

With the Beatification of John Henry Newman, Anglicanism has almost completed its primary mission since the time of Elizabeth I, the assimilation of Rome. Resistance is futile.

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Free your Glee

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Free your Glee

The Emmy Awards has placed Glee in the comedy category. They have also placed Mad Men in the drama category. Would they mind sharing what they are smoking with the rest of us?

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