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The Morning Trumpet

Posted 16 November 2010 by
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The Morning Trumpet (Southern Harmony, 1835)

It seems to me that a large part of worship during the 1700s and 1800s was about escaping from the trials of today to an existence I would consider somewhat boring over the long run. How rough and heavy life must have been to only want the next life to be spent on a cloud in endless idleness. Having leisure time in our lives today has changed the need for that personal longing. If life has changed that much, then why does “The Morning Trumpet” comfort me today?

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Let your technology shine forth to all people

Posted 2 March 2010 by
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Holograph and Person

It isn’t too often I get to comment on the latest, cool technology and life in the church. The person in the picture on the right is a real person. That is, he was present in flesh and blood when the picture was taken. The person on the left was not physically there when the [...]

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